Welcome to Abundantly You Bath and Body! We are passionate for all things abundantly natural, abundantly beautiful, and abundantly you.

Welcome to Abundantly You Bath & Body! Here you will find an array of natural soaps and handmade bath and beauty products for your hair and skin.

We believe that natural self-care is important. For many years I have worked to perfect a wide range of bath salts, natural soaps, oils, body scrubs, lotions, body butters and more. The end goal in mind is always to bring out the abundance of your natural beauty. 

Abundantly You products strike the perfect balance between self-care and relaxation. Our products are nourishing and include the healing properties of natural oils to help you feel refreshed and revived in no time. 

Our bath and body products are fragrance-free or beautifully scented and packed with a perfectly tuned combination of ingredients. Fragrances include the aromatherapy of pure essential oils to care for all of your senses. 

Best of all, Abundantly You Bath & Body is 100% cruelty-free and environmentally friendly; looking after our earth is important to me. ♥

So whether you have aching limbs, dry skin or in need of some relaxation, you will find the perfect supplement for your needs at Abundantly You Bath & Body... from lavender bath salts to gentle facial cleansing soap and everything in between. 

Feel free to browse, and if there is something you would like to see that is not already in the shop, let me know! I enjoy customizing bath products for my customers. Likewise, if you would like me to recommend a bath or beauty product to suit your needs, I am happy to help.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you!

The Abundantly You Bath and Body Team
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